Summer Camp

Summer camp can be the highlight to any Scout’s year. It’s the time to put your scout skills into action. Just the word “Scout” or “Scouting” takes people to thoughts of the outdoors. Our camp was built to create a summer camping program that is fun, adventurous, and an incredible learning experience.

The 520-acre Camp Alaflo, located outside Enterprise, Alabama, provides facilities that help create a unique and quality Scouting program. Scouts can enjoy fellowship in the air-conditioned McRight Dining Hall, dive into the lake from our new floating dock, Canoe in Lake Essayon, learn ecology and conservation, apply their skills at the Archery, Shotgun, and Rifle Ranges, or one of our off camp adventures. 

Along with handicrafts, outdoor skills, nature and ecology, and of course our famous 1st-year camper program, Rawhide, Camp Alalfo is the summer camp that can meet the needs of your Scouts. 

 Mark your calendars now and make plans to join us next summer! Scouts will have a chance to choose 10 merit badges and a high adventure activity! Registration will be available soon. 

We look forward to seeing you at camp.

While Merit Badge registration will not open until Spring, you may reserve your unit’s spot now.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your campsite.